Defending Your Custody Agreement: Protecting Your Education Choices

Defending Your Custody Agreement: Protecting Your Education Choices

  • What Can Your Car Accident Attorney Do After You Are In A Rear-End Accident?

    Arguments about who was responsible for an automobile accident are prevalent following a rear-end collision, which is one of the most common. In the event of a rear-end accident, how may the other driver be held liable? There is a multitude of ways in which your car accident attorney might show negligence in rear-end collisions. 1. A Report From the Police on the Speed and Location of the Vehicle  If you're engaged in an automobile accident, get a copy of the police report.

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    Once you've made the big decision to file for bankruptcy, it's important to understand how it will affect various parts of your life. Certainly, the longer period of bankruptcy effects will happen after the case is closed. What are some of the effects you can expect after receiving the protection of bankruptcy? Here are a few of the most common and noticeable.  1. A Hit to Credit. It's no secret that bankruptcy will negatively affect your credit for some time.

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    If you're facing a DUI charge, the prosecution has to present compelling evidence during your trial. The judge will only convict you if the evidence proves your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Take a look at the evidence used in DUI cases and the possible defense strategies. Police Reports  The police report will likely be the most crucial evidence in your case. It will include information about the traffic stop and your actions during your arrest.

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    Defending Your Custody Agreement: Protecting Your Education Choices

    When my ex-husband decided to contest my choice to homeschool our children, I knew that I had to defend my right as the custodial parent. Our custody agreement gave me authority over educational decisions, but he still took me to court. I spent a lot of time working with an attorney to find out how best to handle it, and I did a lot of research on the laws as they applied. If you're trying to defend your educational choices amidst your divorce, this site may help. I've built it to share everything I learned and explain the process that I went through to secure my rights.