Defending Your Custody Agreement: Protecting Your Education Choices

Defending Your Custody Agreement: Protecting Your Education Choices

What Can Your Car Accident Attorney Do After You Are In A Rear-End Accident?

by Daryl Young

Arguments about who was responsible for an automobile accident are prevalent following a rear-end collision, which is one of the most common. In the event of a rear-end accident, how may the other driver be held liable? There is a multitude of ways in which your car accident attorney might show negligence in rear-end collisions.

1. A Report From the Police on the Speed and Location of the Vehicle 

If you're engaged in an automobile accident, get a copy of the police report. You may be held liable for a rear-end collision caused by an out-of-control car. Additionally, if the other motorist rear-ended you when you were braking or slowing down, they will be held responsible. It is usually easier if the law enforcement officer was at the scene or arrived before the cars were moved.

2. Following Up on a Witness's Statement

Witness testimony might help your automobile accident lawyer prove that the other motorist was at fault for the collision. Witnesses of the accident may be able to ascertain whether or not the other motorist was tailgating. The term "tailing" is used to describe a motorist who is too close to you and cannot stop in time to avoid a collision.

3. Footage Captured by Cameras Situated Next to Each Other

Your car accident attorney is able to use video footage from surrounding cameras to support your claim in an automobile accident. The video may expose the other driver's speed, negligence, and how closely they were following.

4. Prove Phone Usage

Your vehicle accident lawyer may use a court order to get the other motorist's phone data in order to establish that the other driver was to blame. Using a phone while driving increases the risk of a distracted-driving accident.

5. Inspection for Vehicle Faults

Before making a claim for damages, your attorney will evaluate the cars involved to see if there are any weak brakes or other mechanical faults. If the other driver's automobile has damaged brakes, they will likely be held responsible for the accident. All of these arguments may be used to place the responsibility for the vehicle's poor condition on the owner.

When it comes to a rear-end collision, your automobile accident lawyer has to know how to assign blame. Any damages you suffer as a result of the accident may be covered by insurance. Call a car accident lawyer to help you understand your legal alternatives if you've been rear-ended.


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Defending Your Custody Agreement: Protecting Your Education Choices

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