Defending Your Custody Agreement: Protecting Your Education Choices

Defending Your Custody Agreement: Protecting Your Education Choices

Mistakes To Avoid When Filing For Disability

by Daryl Young

If you're unable to work, you may want to consider filing for disability. This could allow you to get a payment monthly that will help you through this financial challenge. However, there are certain things you'll want to avoid doing when you're filling out an application for this status. Knowing what these are may be helpful for you.

Working at your current job 

If you continue to work, this will show that you aren't truly disabled. Doing this is the fastest way to have to ensure your claim will be denied.

Once you file for this status, you will be reviewed closely, and if you're holding down a job, this will be found out instantly.

Being dishonest

It's crucial for you to get the results you want from filing for disability to avoid listing untruthful statements. For instance, you'll want to tell the truth about how your injury happened and the details that surround this time.

Additionally, listing the correct amount of money you were making before being hurt is essential. You will need to provide proof of this to receive disability.

Failing to take medications

Have you been advised by your physician to take certain prescription drugs routinely? If you don't do this, you will be unable to get the disability that you want.

Keep in mind that your records can quickly be reviewed to determine if you're getting your prescription filled as necessary.

Receiving unemployment

There are many reasons that people may be eligible to get unemployment. For instance, if you've been laid off of work or you got fired, you may sign up to receive this.

However, if you're filing for disability, you shouldn't currently be receiving this type of payment, or you will be denied.

Failing to appear for hearings

There may be some meetings or hearings that you'll need to attend. However, if you don't go to these, it's highly unlikely you'll get the money you need when you're disabled.

Be sure to keep track of any notices you receive in the mail and mark your calendar so you'll be able to attend when necessary. 

You may qualify for disability and knowing the right steps to take is critical for your success. It's important not to waste your time by trying to get this financial assistance by doing the wrong things. You will have a much higher chance of success by making the right moves. Contact a disability lawyer for more help.


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Defending Your Custody Agreement: Protecting Your Education Choices

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