Defending Your Custody Agreement: Protecting Your Education Choices

Defending Your Custody Agreement: Protecting Your Education Choices

Lead Poisoning And Personal Injury Lawsuits: What You Need To Know

by Daryl Young

Personal injury lawsuits are commonplace when a plaintiff wants to place an action suit against an entity – be it a person, business, or institution – due to negligence on behalf of said entity. If won, the plaintiff will win a sum in the form of damages, which can include physical ailments, mental or emotional anguish, and time missed from work. Among common types of personal injury lawsuits, you will find lead poisoning-based suits. Throughout the course of this brief article, you will find out exactly what you need to know if you so happen to fall victim to lead poisoning and wish to pursue a personal injury case.

Landlords and Lead Poisoning

In almost every personal injury case levied against an entity, you will find that the defendant is a landlord of the property where the plaintiff either resides or works. Title X, or the Residential Lead-Based Paint Hazard Reduction Act, will offer some leverage to the plaintiff in many of these cases. The use of lead-based paints in homes is, in fact, illegal, but the presence of such paints is not.

This means that many older homes used lead-based paint and landlords are not required to remove the paint from the premises. Landlords are legally obligated, however, to inform any incoming tenants into their property that lead-based paint is used on the premises, and they are also required to distribute the federally mandated pamphlet, "Protect Your Family From Lead In Your Home." If a landlord fails to meet either of these obligations, they will most likely be held liable for damages due to lead poisoning.

Speaking With An Accident Lawyer

An accident lawyer is one that specializes in personal injury lawsuits. It would be in your best interest to, at the very least, consult with one regarding what your options are if you happen to contract lead poisoning. An accident lawyer can help you decide on the best course of action to pursue in the case that you contract lead poisoning. These options usually boil down to one of two possible routes: either attempting to settle out of court or taking the landlord to personal injury court. Many accident lawyers offer free legal advice and are generally more than willing to help you sort out the issue before you decide on the best course of action.

Lead poisoning is a serious issue that should be addressed immediately. It is in your best interests to contact an accident attorney like Richard M Altman to decide how to further pursue the matter.


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Defending Your Custody Agreement: Protecting Your Education Choices

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